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I am a beginner in android app developing.

I have to use ping test in my app for checking available internet connection as I have found this method very useful, but I read at many places that I should use AsyncTask() method or Handler() method as ping test on UI thread may freeze my app.

But I am not getting the difference between those two to decide which one I should use. I found that in AsyncTask, I have methods like doInBackground() and onPostExecute which helps in interaction with UI thread and processes run in another thread.

But I am not getting such methods in Handler() method.

Handler handler = new Handler();
Runnable runnable =new Runnable() {
 public void run() {
  1. I am not getting which method in Handler() is running in background and which method are helpful for making the app run in background like I found in AsyncTask().
  2. I am not understanding the difference between those two.

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Simple and Main Difference between them is

An AsyncTask is used to do some background Task and publish the result to the UI thread with/without progress update.

If you're not concerned with UI, then a Handler/Thread are more appropriate.

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