I have some server side code -- meteor methods and simple backend helpers -- that I would like to test. I've read the documentation testing with Meteor, but I am having a hard time connecting the documentation to my very simple use case. Can someone share with me how they've tested a meteor method or a simple backend JS function?

For instance, let's say you have some server method in, some_methods.js

function someHelper() {
// does lots of cool stuff

  'user/update' (userProperties) {
     // updating some user properties

We have developed unit and integration tests for our open source application called RadGrad (https://radgrad.org).

For details on how we do unit and integration testing, please see:


Here is an example of a unit (server-side only) test:


And here is an example of an integration (client + server) test:


We do not have extensive UI tests; you'll need to use something like Selenium for that. UI testing in Meteor is no different from UI testing for any other web app.

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