I need to catch all routes, except those that have /api/ segment in them. I know how to catch every single route

Route::any('{all}', 'AngularController@serveFrontend')->where('all', '(.*)');

But what do I need to change so that my api routes aren't captured by this string ?

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You can catch all routes where the path does not start with api

Route::any('{all}', 'AngularController@serveFrontend')->where('all', '^(?!api).*$');

Or simply leave your catchall as the last route and it'll work as expected.

  • Thanks. I have placed two ::any catch strings. One in end of /api/ group, and one in end of routes file. Now missing api routes returns JSON, and all missing frontend routes returns default html.
    – user991
    May 31, 2016 at 10:19

For multiple exceptions, you may use | identifier: (eg nova)


Just place route(s) with /api/ segment before this one and it will work as you want. All API related URLs will be processes by first route, everything else will be processed with second one.


You can catch all the routes except those that start /api

Route::any('{any}', [UserController::class,'index'])->where('any', '^(?!api).*$');

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