I have a Laravel 5 web app with Socialite to login my user by using Facebook account.

This is my callback function:

public function callback(SocialAccountService $service)

    $user = $service->createOrGetUser(Socialite::driver('facebook')->user());


    return redirect()->to('/home');

This is my SocialAccountService, basically the function returns the user if existing or creates a new one:

class SocialAccountService
    public function createOrGetUser(ProviderUser $providerUser)
        $account = SocialAccount::whereProvider('facebook')

        if ($account) {
            return $account->user;
        } else {

            $account = new SocialAccount([
                'provider_user_id' => $providerUser->getId(),
                'provider' => 'facebook'

            $user = User::whereEmail($providerUser->getEmail())->first();

            if (!$user) {

                $user = User::create([
                    'email' => $providerUser->getEmail(),
                    'name' => $providerUser->getName(),


            return $user;



Now the problem is, I am able to make my user login successfully via Facebook, but when the user clicks Cancel on the FB dialog for permission, it breaks.

Callback Error on Facebook app permission denial

How can I handle this error? I can see the error message in URL box, but don't know to handle them.

P.S I am fairly new to Laravel and Socialite

  • did you write routing properly? Jun 1 '16 at 11:14
  • Route::get('/callback', 'SocialAuthController@callback'); This is the route I wrote, the user is able to login properly too, but if a new user cancels the permission dialog box, error occurs which I am unable to handle
    – krozaine
    Jun 1 '16 at 11:18
  • you write routing for get method but I see here request come with post method Jun 1 '16 at 11:18
  • github.com/laravel/socialite see here details Jun 1 '16 at 11:20

in the callback(...) method you can check for presense of the 'code' input field and if it is not there redirect to back to login page with errors.


function callback(SocialAccountService $service ,Request $request) {
    if (! $request->input('code')) {
        return redirect('login')->withErrors('Login failed: '.$request->input('error').' - '.$request->input('error_reason'));

    // rest of your code
  • I think input error_reason has been replaced by error_description.
    – WiMantis
    Dec 19 '18 at 16:23

Try catch is the best practice(it catches all exception)

    $userSocial =Socialite::driver('facebook')
catch (\Throwable $e) { 

//handle error here for php 7 or 8  

  } catch (\Exception $e) { 
  // for php 5
  handle error here 


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