It is a simple problem but i have no idea why it is not working. Previously I did same and it always worked but now it is not working whatever I do. I set bgImage but it somehow doesn't work. If I set image named "group" as Button munuIcon1 = new Button(group) it works. But the following gives blank form

    Image group = theme.getImage("group.png").scaledWidth(imgWidth / 3 - 10);
    Button menuIcon1 = new Button();
    menuIcon1.setPreferredSize(new Dimension(150,150));
    menuIcon1.getUnselectedStyle().setBgImage(group);//tried getAllStyles() too

    //tried couple of things but doesn't work
    menuIcon1.getAllStyles().setBgTransparency(255);//tried value to 0 as well

First I would suggest using ScaledImageButton which is effectively what you are trying to implement.

Button derives from Label which has a special case for hiding blank labels & in this case the Button is effectively blank.

There are two ways to workaround this, the old way was creating new Button(" "). This makes the Button seem non-blank and thus it's renderered.

The newer way is to use setShowEvenIfBlank(true).

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