I should read every value of Turn element in the input XML:

<Section type="report" startTime="0" endTime="182.952">
        <Turn speaker="spk1" startTime="7.186" endTime="8.114">
            <Sync time="7.186"/>un souci avec une inscription
        <Turn speaker="spk2" startTime="8.114" endTime="8.533">
            <Sync time="8.114"/>ouais
        <Turn speaker="spk1 spk2" startTime="8.533" endTime="9.731">
            <Sync time="8.533"/>
            <Who nb="1"/>first value!
            <Who nb="2"/>second value!

So I used JAXB and made the following classes:


public class Section {

private List<Turn> turn;

public List<Turn> getTurn() {
    if(turn == null){
        turn = new ArrayList<Turn>();
    return turn;

public void setTurn(List<Turn> turn) {
    this.turn = turn;


public class Turn {

private String speaker;
private float startTime;
private float endTime;
private Sync sync;
private String content;
private List<Who> whoList;

public String getSpeaker() {
    return speaker;
public void setSpeaker(String speaker) {
    this.speaker = speaker;
public float getStartTime() {
    return startTime;

public void setStartTime(float startTime) {
    this.startTime = startTime;

public float getEndTime() {
    return endTime;
public void setEndTime(float endTime) {
    this.endTime = endTime;

public String getContent() {
    return content;
public void setContent(String content) {
    this.content = content;

But when I want to read for example the value of Turn where speaker equals "spk1 spk2", the method getContent of Turn return only "second value!".. How i can get all content with "first value!" ? I know is not allowed to set XmlElement with XmlValue for one Element, but I have no choice, the xml files are like that, and I should work with many files like that..

Thanks in advance :)


So you deal with mixed content. Have a look to the other question how-to-deal-with-jaxb-complextype-with-mixedcontent-data and jaxb-xmlmixed-usage-for-reading-xmlvalue-and-xmlelement. It would be manageable with the annotation @XmlMixed for your Turn class. Then, I'm not quite sure if you need the getter and setter methods for the content.

  • Nice ! i make a new attribute list with @XmlMixed, then it return all my content ! Thanks Loic M. – Limmy Jun 1 '16 at 15:07

I think you problem comes from your declaration of @XmlElement(name="Turn"). If you have a look to the following tutorial from Vogella, you'll see he is using a wrapper for its list thanks to the annotation XmlElementWrapper and sets the annotations at the declaration of the list, not before the method, as following:

// XmLElementWrapper generates a wrapper element around XML representation @XmlElementWrapper(name = "bookList")

// XmlElement sets the name of the entities @XmlElement(name = "book") private ArrayList bookList;

In your case, I think JAXB manage an object when you expect it to deal with a list of objects.

  • JAXB manage a really list of objects, because, when i load my xml, getTurn() return a List of Turn like this for the previous example: 0:Turn with content equals: "un souci avec une inscription" 1:Turn with content equals:"ouais" 2:Turn with content equals:"second value!" Here the first value is missing.. – Limmy Jun 1 '16 at 14:01
  • OK, I first didn't get the point that the value of the Turn element is splited with your Who elements. Quite strange. Are you sure the definition of your input XML make sense? – Loic M. Jun 1 '16 at 14:28
  • No, rather sure they are false, but they are not mine, i must work with it . – Limmy Jun 1 '16 at 14:45

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