I've searched tirelessly for this and am very surprised to not find an answer.

Very simply question: I have a link being rolled out via WPress and I'd like to wrap some characters around it for emphasis, but I don't want those characters to be part of the link. Aka, for:

a:before {
  content: " - ";

it produces

<a href="X"> - link text</a>

when I want

 - <a href="X">link text</a>


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you may use a positive/negative margin and pointer-events

a {
  margin-left: 1em;
a:before {
  content: '- ';
<a href="X">link text</a>

<a href="X">Another link text</a>

The Content of ::before selector will always be part of the selected element. ::before My link

In your case '-' will be part the anchor tag with CSS ::before selector.

To avoid this specify anchor tag within p tag or span tag and use ::before selector for that p or span tag

Inspect element now shows ::beforeMy link

Plunker for reference: https://plnkr.co/edit/ZWm7yeIKcxbtLl5iNcMr?p=preview

<!DOCTYPE html>

span::before {
    content: "-";

My link

Based on an answer given to A bug(?) with "::before" in CSS, it seems you will require a script to do this for you, as :before and :after apply specifically to the content of the given tag, not to the tags themselves.


$(function() {
    $($('<a>').html(' - ')).insertBefore('a');

This will insert - prior to every <a> tag in your document.

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