I'm developing certain scripts and small software packages which I also package as debian packages.

The code is maintained in git and I create new release tarballs with an make target and git-archive. This tarball is then fed to "uupdate -u .tar.gz" to update from the previous packaged version. This far everything works great and exactly as I want it to.

Now the tricky part: I want to put the packaging information, i.e. everything below debian/ (e.g. mypackage-0.4.3/debian/*), under version control, too. I'd just use git, but that would break dpkg because it would cry about the unknown files in its directory.

My question:

What is the easiest way to put my debian/ folders under version control (with git)?

Please note that I'd like to keep my source code and packaging information in separate repositories, if possible.


See the package git-buildpackage, it will help you create the package directly from the upstream source git.

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