Here is my issue:

I am using Jasperserver's visualize.js for integration of reports into my application and this is done inside of an IFrame (reason: js libraries between my application and jasperserver are conflicting). I see that the reports loads up fine, but the interactivity is lost. Which means, the mouse-over event and other click-events do not work when I load the report using visualize.js.

When I access the same report using a direct link of jasperserver in the browser, the interactivity works just fine.

I am not sure if this is by design or really a bug.


Most likely you have configured your report with isolateDom: true which forces you to also set defaultJiveUi: { enabled: false } which in turn disables the interactivity and may cause other components not to load.

You cannot have both set to true right now. If it is acceptable, you could move your visualize.js code to another page(HTML) and have that loaded in an iframe.

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