I try to add a copy paste option in my program but links doesn't come with. All my blocks are well copied but my links aren't.

var copied;
    var papa = block_menu.model; //clicked element
    var copied_cells=papa.clone({deep:true}); //take all embedded cells
    copied=graph.getSubgraph(copied_cells, {deep:true}); //copy
    graph.addCells(copied); //paste (add on graph)

I've tried to add this before "copied = ...." but that doesn't change anything :

var copied_cells = graph.getSubgraph(copied_cells) `

Does someone nows how to copy my links with? Thanks.

cells should be sorted before you're putting them back into graph. Elements first, then links. addCells has been adding cells as it is, so if there is link whose target/source is not in the graph yet, this link won't be added.

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