When debug a web site, the Network pane of Chrome Developer Tools contains networks of Chrome extensions, I want to filter the networks of extensions, but I must input -scheme:chrome-extension everytime. Is there a way to configure the Network filter chrome-extension default?

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Unfortunately it doesn't looks there is any other way. I did a little investigating to see if I was able to create a Chrome Extension to automate this, but the chrome.devtools.panels API doesn't provide access to the Network panel, only the Elements and Sources panels, and even those only have access in a limited way.

Your best bet currently is to run Chrome in another Profile or in Incognito mode.

  • The main target of Incognito mode is privacy, if used for the problem I meet which maybe a little trick, so I register a single google account and create a new user profile in chrome , I made this account only for develop purpose, I think this is the best way now~ – zhouji Jun 6 '16 at 5:51

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