I am trying to create an admin user in CouchDB through an AJAX request. My problem is that I am getting a {"error": "bad request", "reason":"invalid json"}.

var urlString= "http://IPAddress:5984/_config/admins/alice -d ";
urlString = urlString + "'" + "\"alice\"" + "'";
xhttp.open('PUT' urlString, true);

The alert(urlString) shows:

http://IPAddress:5984/_config/admins/alice -d '"alice"'

I am guessing the quotations somehow get messed up when they are sent to CouchDB. I am using VI editor on AWS (Amazon Linux). I have tried changing the double quotes to single quotes as well as with and without escaping. Any help is appreciated.


So I figured out my problem. It was not with the quotes at all, but rather in how I was sending the request. I was sending the PUT data (password) as part of the URL itself instead of sending it as PUT data. The corrected code is as follows:

var urlString= "http://IPAddress:5984/_config/admins/alice";
xhttp.open('PUT' urlString, true);

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