I'm building CodeFixProvider for the analyzer that is detecting if custom attribute is missing from the method declaration. Basically custom attribute that should be added to the method looks like

    [CustomAttribute(param1: false, param2: new int[]{1,2,3})]

this is what I've got so far:

    public sealed override async Task RegisterCodeFixesAsync( CodeFixContext context ) {
        var root = await context.Document.GetSyntaxRootAsync( context.CancellationToken ).ConfigureAwait( false );

        var diagnostic = context.Diagnostics.First();
        var diagnosticSpan = diagnostic.Location.SourceSpan;
        var declaration = root.FindToken( diagnosticSpan.Start ).Parent.AncestorsAndSelf( ).OfType<MethodDeclarationSyntax>( ).First( );

                title: title,
                createChangedSolution: c => this.AddCustomAttribute(context.Document, declaration, c),
                equivalenceKey: title),

    private async Task<Solution> AddCustomAttribute( Document document, MethodDeclarationSyntax methodDeclaration, CancellationToken cancellationToken ) {
        // I suspect I need to do something like methodDeclaration.AddAttributeLists(new AttributeListSyntax[] {
        // but not sure how to use it exactly

        throw new NotImplementedException( );

Remember, roslyn syntax trees are immutable. You'll need something like:

private async Task<Solution> AddCustomAttribute(Document document, MethodDeclarationSyntax methodDeclaration, CancellationToken cancellationToken)
    var root = await document.GetSyntaxRootAsync(cancellationToken);
    var attributes = methodDeclaration.AttributeLists.Add(
            //  .WithArgumentList(...)

    return document.WithSyntaxRoot(

To get the full SyntaxFactory code for the attribute constructor .WithArgumentList() throw it into the Roslyn Quoter.

  • This worked, however could you point me to good resource on the subject? – AlexanderM Jun 2 '16 at 22:38

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