Is it possible to create a string in a C# .exe and use this string in PowerShell?

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Your question is quite vague - are you using a powershell script to create an object from the c# assembly, then using that object? If so, simply set a property to the string you want and access it as normal from powershell.

Or, if it's a static method, you can just call it


If you are running the c# exe, you can simply output it with writeline and powershell will pick it up:

.\myexe.exe > $someVar

Or, you can write it as a cmdlet, and your c# code can participate in the pipeline.

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In the event you are hosting PowerShell within a C# app and you want to access a string variable defined in C# from the PowerShell script that you run, here's how to do that:

string foo = "some string defined in C# to be used in PowerShell";
runspace.SessionStateProxy.SetVariable("foo", foo);

You can then reference this variable in your PowerShell script as $foo.


Yes. You can use .NET classes in powershell, for instance you can use:

PS C:\> [System.Environment]::GetLogicalDrives()

when dealing with a static method.


Powershell uses the .net Framework under the covers, all objects are CLR object

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