I am trying to connect using the connector client from an application outsides of my Bot. When I set the appid and secret in config and use the parameterless constructor it connects as expected but when I try and set appid and secret at runtime I get a 401:

var connector = new ConnectorClient();         
Microsoft.Bot.Connector.ConnectorClientCredentials creds = new  
ConnectorClientCredentials("mybot", "key", "key(subid");
connector.Credentials = creds;


        var connector = new ConnectorClient("mybot", "mykey"); 


What am I missing. All the docs only show parameterless connection using config.

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You got the error code 401 because of these two reasons,

  1. The Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key header is missing or invalid
  2. The BasicAuth with AppId and AppSecret are invalid

Please check whether you have used them correctly.

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