I pushed up some files up to github using git push <branch_name>. When I open a PR, the files show up in the changes. How do I undo this git push? In short, I tried to do a git reset of that file before pushing but apparently I mistyped the filename. Now what do I do?

How do I undo pushes to Github?

  • Is this repository contributed to by other developers? Has anyone made any changes ot it since? – Will Jun 3 '16 at 5:00

First, make a backup, in case something goes wrong. Clone your repository as <repository>-backup with -b <branchname> and don't touch that one.

Second, find the commit hash of the last good commit in git log.

Then run:

git push --force origin <last good commit hash>:<branch>

Note that rewriting history is generally considered a bad idea, unless you're the only user of the repository. If other people have pulled down the repository with a commit change, and you force push and remove that commit, the repository will enter a corrupted state.

Unless you pushed some sensitive information you really need to remove, just revert the commit with:

git revert <commit hash to revert>
git push

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