How can I get all matches in a string? For example, a string is

hhh (12) 5cb (jkl) jj


brt (11) {

I want to get 12 and jkl in first string and 11 in second one.

I tried

preg_match("/.*\((.*)\).*/", $input_line, $output_array);

but this get only last match in a string.


The RegEx you are looking for should be something like this:

preg_match_all("/\((.*?)\)/", $input_line, $output_array);

Live example.


  (.*)     #grab all characters
  (.*?)    #as little as possible
\((.*?)\)  #that are within brackets

You also need to use preg_match_all instead of preg_match so that you get all the strings that match the pattern.

  • Thanks for the answer, but php writes "Unknown modifier 'g'" – user3225777 Jun 3 '16 at 22:36
  • @user3225777 wops, my bad. See edits. – lolbas Jun 3 '16 at 22:39

Use preg_match_all instead of preg_match. It returns a 2-dimensional array with information from each match.

You also need to fix the regexp. Take out the .* around the parentheses, because that's making it match everything else in the string, so there's just a single match. And inside the parentheses you need to use a non-greedy quantifier, so it won't match beyond the close parenthesis.

$input_line = 'hhh (12) 5cb (jkl) jj';
preg_match_all("/.*\((.*?)\).*/", $input_line, $output_array);
print_r($output_array[1]); // array of all the capture group 1


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