My objective is to use image as a button in ionic. I first used a-tag to link between page. But when I clicked on the image. There is no button activated effect. So I switch to button-tag

I have tried using

<button class="button button-clear" style="background-image:url('img/myImage.jpg'); background-size:cover"></button>

But the button height stay the same. So it won't show full size image. I have tried




But nothing seems to work.

I also tried adding my own css

.Test-up {
  border :none;
  padding : 0px;

.Test-down {
  opacity: 0.5;
  padding: 0px;

and added below code into my index.html

<button ng-mousedown="class='Test-down'" ng-mouseup="class='Test-up'" class="{{class}}" href="#">

and below code to my controller

$scope.class = "Test-up";

as I tried from http://codepen.io/Leiron/pen/ztawA But it doesn't work with ios or android. So what should I do?


try this.

 <img src="img/myImage.jpg" style="width : 100% ; height : 100%" ng-click="nextpage()" >

this shoud to the trick you can have the height and width as your wish.

Make sure you give the correct path to src field.

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  • I tried it but the ng-click happen after I release my finger. I want the image background to change its opacity a bit while I'm touching the button. Just like when touching ion-item. There will be a change while I am holding down my finger. It is different. – Wakeme UpNow Jun 4 '16 at 10:48
  • if you want like ion item then put this image in ion-item so that is will be same as you think like <ion-item> <img..... > </ion-item> let it have only one item in the list – Mohan Gopi Jun 4 '16 at 10:53

You can try this way -

<button  (click)="click()" block>
     <img src="assets/img/scan_btn.png">
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Ionic 2

Place your icons in www/assets/images then

<img src="assets/images/icon.png" style="width : 100% ; height : 100%" ng-click="nextpage()" >
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  • 2
    it seems this works in ionic 2 with "(click)" instead of "ng-click" – William Terrill Oct 17 '17 at 18:30

check this

<button ng-mousedown="class='fb-down'" ng-mouseup="class='fb-up'" class="{{class}}"> <img src="your_image_path" alt="" title="" /> </button>

If still you face any problem in css and in anyhting let me know.


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Ionic 4

<a routerLink="/user/details" routerDirection="forward">
   <img src='assets/images/icon.png'  />
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With this you can use image button for routing.

<button onclick="location.href='/pageToRoute/param'" block>
   <img  src="imagePath/imageName.jpg">
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Ionic 5

You can also use ion-card element :

<ion-card class="welcome-card" [routerLink]="['/tabs/tab3']">
    <ion-img src='/assets/VC-Button-calendario-01.svg'></ion-img>
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See the pen @ http://codepen.io/jeggu96/pen/NRaxj Hope it helps :) <button ion-button clear (click)="nextPage()"><img src="image path" alt=" " /></button>

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