So I've been following django tutorial and things worked well, but then I decided to try and write my own apps following the tutorial. I created a view, and updated the /pysent/ file with this section


However, when I save the file, I get an error from the running server:

ImportError: No module named PressentConfig

If I change the first line above to only


I get no error message. On the other hand, with the tutorial example, things work with the line


django version is supposed to be 1.9.6

>>> import django 
>>> django.VERSION
(1, 9, 6, 'final', 0)

What is going on here?

Edit The solution was to edit pysent/pressent/apps and add

class PressentConfig(AppConfig):
    name = 'pressent'

The reason to the problem was I changed the folder name.

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    So what is apps in your pressent directory? Is it a module? Does it contain a PressentConfig class? – Daniel Roseman Jun 4 '16 at 20:49
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I'm going to presume pressent is your django application name (project name I think is pysent), so there's a directory named pressent and inside it has a file, and finally that file has a class named PressentConfig.

PressentConfig class example:

from django.apps import AppConfig

class PressentConfig(AppConfig):
    name = 'pressent'

    # Exec some configs for this app. Maybe overriding the ready method

Look into your app directory, and check if there's a module named app and in that module a class named PressentConfig. If there isn't, then the app config approach will not work unless you create a configuration for your app. Read more Django: configuring apps

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