in kendo scheduler control am using group header template and would like to make a paging in my resources view


this example has 2 only resources if I would like to add 2 another resources I want to show only 2 resources per page and would like to have next/prev buttons to change resources viewed as paging in scheduler displaying


I want something such as the example I made in this link:


I would like to control my resources to view configured number of the resources cause the pagination method is not supported in Kendo scheduler as a feature hope it will be a feature as soon as possible in stead of implementing it manually.

Hope this to be helpful for everyone

  • any refactoring for my code are very welcomed and please provide a link with the refactored code if you did to keep on touch and share our ideas, thanks in advance – mustafa-elhelbawy Aug 13 '16 at 15:20

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