Where may I find guides on how to write a Rails rspec test that utilizes the ajaxful_rating gem. The test I'm writing is something like the one below. https://github.com/edgarjs/ajaxful-rating

require "rails_helper"

RSpec.feature "Users can create new review" do
  scenario "with valid attributes" do

    # Put in a 5 star rating here.

    fill_in "Review", with: "This place is pretty good."
    click_button "Create Review"

    expect(page).to have_content "Review has been created."
  • To select a 5 start rating you need to click on the element that is the 5th start - unfortunately the demo app linked to from the ajaxful-rating page is down so I can't see what the html it generates is -- if you add the html it generates on the page to your question we can tell you how to click it – Thomas Walpole Jun 6 '16 at 6:38

This could be a very broad answer however if you want to learn how you can write test case in rspec, this documentation can be helpful to understand the concept of what is test case and how you can make.

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