I have the following aggregation rule:

abc.prod.ALL.<service>.<metric>.count (60) = sum abc.local.*.<service>.<<metric>>.count Given metrics like:


I would expect them to be aggregated to


But that metric is never created. In aggregator logs, I see

Allocating new metric buffer for abc.prod.ALL.aservice.ametric.count

but it's not created. If I add a layer to the generated metric like:

abc.prod.extralayer.ALL.<service>.<metric>.count (60) = sum abc.local.*.<service>.<<metric>>.count

then we seem to get a recursive explosion of created metrics like:


Which led me to believe that the generated metric is then aggregated again...

I added a logging line to AggregationProcessor.process:

    log.clients("Found aggregate " + aggregate_metric + " for " + metric)

And then tried with my original, desired rule.. and I eventually started to see, loglines like:

Found aggregate abc.prod.ALL.aservice.ametric.count for abc.prod.ALL.aservice.ametric.count

It matched itself as if it was a new incoming metric... Why is it being fed back into the aggregator?


This appears to have been a bug. It was not in older version but was in master at the time of my question.

If you are seeing this behaviour, follow the issue on GitHub: https://github.com/graphite-project/carbon/issues/560 https://github.com/graphite-project/carbon/issues/455

There is no point in continuing the question here on SO.

Note: I am using the older version, 0.9.15 and not seeing the problem - so I recommend this until it is confirmed to not be resolved in master.

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