I have a Windows server running an ASP.NET application and a local printer connected to this machine. I need to print some documents from the server-side code.

So far I know, there's no managed API in .NET that is supported on server-side (service).

  • System.Printing namespace - is part of the WPF and is not supported to run on server-side as it may produce run-time exceptions (checked on msdn)

  • System.Drawing.Printing - is part of the WinForms and also not supported to run on server-side (checked on msdn)

The same problem was elaborated with help of Microsoft back in 2009 and the solution was to use an unmanaged XPS Print API as the only supported way back in that time. Problem described and solution with example posted is here: How to Print a Document on a Server via the XpsPrint API

However nowadays this is a problem as the XPS Print API is marked as not supported and may be unavailable in the future (msdn).

So, what is the supported way of printing from the server-side code?

It looks like there are more Win32 APIs that could be probably used, but there's no info on the web and it would probably be a nightmare...

Commercial solutions are accepted. Thank you.


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