I can't figure out how to serialize cleaned_data of some form. The problem probably is, that this cleaned_data contains model objects. I didn't find anything touching this problem so I'm asking here.

Exception Value:
'dict' object has no attribute '_meta'

Is there some simple way or Django built-in function?

My cleaned_data:

{'notes': u'dsads', 'language_from': <Language: Slovak>, 'file': None, 'short_description': u'dsadsad', 'text_to_translate': u'dsads', 'delivery_date': datetime.date(1930, 1, 1)}

This is a formset cleaned_data:

[{'language': <Language: Magyar>, 'level': <Level: Standard level>}, 
 {'language': <Language: Russian>, 'level': <Level: Standard level>}, {}, {}, {}]

serializer.serialize(cleaned_data) does not works because there are models inside the cleaned_data.

Only way I probably figured out is to change all objects to it's primary keys and after deserialize get them from the database.

I want to serialize cleaned_data because I sending them to another view.

  • What is the desired outcome? i.e.: What would you like the serialized data to look like ideally? And what do you mean by "sending them to another view"? You've got the problem backwards. The model instances are not the problem, it's that the object you retrieved from the form isn't saved in the database yet, so it's not a model instance, but a dict. serialize.serialize applies to querysets or object instances, not to dicts, hence the error message. Jun 6, 2016 at 18:57

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The Django way to do this is to use model_to_dict. This will serialize the model instance as a dictionary. Call this on each model instance respectively in you cleanded_data

from django.forms.models import model_to_dict


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