So the new Firebase has support for storage using Google Cloud Platform.

You can upload a file to the images folder using:

var uploadTask = storageRef.child('images').put(file, metadata);

What if you want to create a subfolder images/user1234 dynamically using code?

The offical sample does not show how to do that, nor the official guide or reference docs.

Is the Firebase Console the only place where folders can be created manually?


The Firebase Console does allow you to create a folder, since it's the easiest way to add files to a specific folder there.

But there is no public API to create a folder. Instead folders are auto-created as you add files to them.


The Firebase Storage API dynamically creates "folders" as intermediate products: if you create a file at images/user1234/file.txt, all intermediate "folders" like "images" and "user1234" will be created along the way. So your code becomes:

var uploadTask = storageRef.child('images/user1234/file.txt').put(file, metadata);

Note that you need to include the file name (foo.txt for example) in the child() call, since the reference should include the full path as well as the file name, otherwise your file will be called images.

  • Can we upload a folder in the storage console? – shibapoo Aug 22 '16 at 8:22
  • This gives me "_filePath.includes is not a function"... any idea why that could be? The path I'm passing to .child() looks correct (printed it to the console to be sure). – Andrew Torr Aug 8 '19 at 4:59
String myFolder = "MyImages";
StorageReference riversRef = storageReference.child(myFolder).child("images/pic.jpg");

You most certainly can create directories... with a little bit of playing with the references I did the following.

test = (e,v) => {
    let fileName = "filename"
    let newDirectory = "someDir"
    let storage = firebase.storage().ref(`images/${newDirectory}/${fileName}`)

    let file = e.target.files[0]
    if(file !== undefined && file.type === "image/png" ) {
            .then( d => console.log('you did it'))
            .catch( d => console.log("do something"))

enter image description here

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    You know the answer is really the same between Frank, Mike and me just said different ways... – JustDave Oct 10 '17 at 21:38
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    your answer doesn't use .child() and puts the folder path right in the ref() instead of child. Which, in AngularFire, actually worked the way I was expecting. Where I had an issue with erroneous parent folders in Mike's example. Maybe a quirk with AngularFire syntax. Options are always good. – SeanMC Jun 22 '18 at 3:18

Firebase console allows you to create a folder. I don't think there is another way to create a folder.

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