Doing a query in Rails like this to find Photos with Tags by tag_id preloads Tags on the Photos, but only those Tags that match the tag_ids in the query... This gets exposed when the photos get serialized later..

How do I keep all the associated Tags, and return the Photos that have those specific tags?

Using this query: Photo.includes(:tags).where("tags.id IN (?)", [2, 5, 10).references(:tags)

I want all Photos that have tags 2, 5, and 10, but if a Photo has tag 2 and 3, I want it to include tag 3 in its response.


There might be a better way to do it, but I think this works.

# Build a query for all photo IDs that have the specified tags.
photo_ids_query = Photo.joins(:tags)
                       .where(:tags => { :id => [2, 5, 10] })

# Load that list of photo IDs using a subquery.
     .where("photos.id IN (#{photo_ids_query.to_sql})")

I don't think this can be done with a single join, because you can't simultaneously restrict that joined table to only those records with specific IDs and not restrict it.

I think you would be able to do this with Arel, but you would need 2 joins: one to restrict with the where tags.id in (...) (you'd give it a table alias) and one to get all the Tags joined to each of the Photos that's returned (the default one so that it would be the one used by association methods, like photo.tags).

Maybe something like this...

photos = Photo.arel_table
restricted_tags = Tag.arel_table.alias(:restricted_tags)
      tags[:photo_id].eq(photos[:id])  # or whatever your join conditions are in your particular case
    restricted_tags.in([2, 5, 10])

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