I am building a quiz game for both iOS & Android platforms and I want to be able to handle localization.

I am using Firebase's realtime database solution in order to pull all of the question the game is going to have. I am hardcoding the questions into the Firebase's database and every question object has 2 parameters:

ID - Obviously

Text - The question text itself e.g. "Who was John Kennedy?"

I am having hard time thinking about how to localize the questions I am pulling from Firebase. Obviously if the app is localized as Spanish I want to get the questions text translated to Spanish.

How do I go about it?

Thank you very very much :)


Database like this...

  "en": { "Q1": "Who was JFK?"    },
  "es": { "Q1": "¿Quién era JFK?" }

Accessed like this (JavaScript)...

var locale = fooLocale() || 'en'; // get locale, fallback to English
var firedb = firebase.database(); // init database
var content = firedb.ref(locale); // get reference to locale data

content.child('Q1').on('value', function (snapshot) {       // request Q1
  document.getElementById('Q1').innerHTML = snapshot.val(); // set UI text

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