I wanna test a middleware function that inside calls a vendor middleware function. The middleware is:

const expressJwt  = require('express-jwt');
const validateJwt = expressJwt({ secret: 'whatever' });

exports.isAuthenticated = (req, res, next) => {
  if (req.query && req.query.hasOwnProperty('access_token')) {
    req.headers.authorization = `Bearer ${req.query.access_token}`;

  validateJwt(req, res, next);

I've tried to create a sinon.spy() object and pass it as next parameter, but is not called apparently.

Another approach I've tried is to check if exists req.user, since the purpose of the express-jwt middleware is to validate and attach user to the req object. No luck with this neither.

I've seen the existence of chai-connect, but not sure how to use it.

Any ideas? Highly appreciate it!

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I finally managed to do it with proxyquire and chai-connect:

In your mocha config:

global.connect = chai.connect;

In your test:

describe('isAuthenticated', () => {
// Wrap call to chai.connect into a function to use params and return a Promise
const mockedMiddleware = (changeSecret) => {
  let oldToken;
  if (changeSecret) {
    oldToken = acessToken;
    acessToken = 'blabalblalba';

  return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
      .req(req => {
        req.query = { access_token: acessToken };
      .next((res) => {
        acessToken = oldToken;
        if (res && res.status === 401) {
        } else {

it('should validate correctly', () =>

it('should not validate', () =>

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