I want to be able to figure out the month of the current date variable. I'm ex vb.net and the way to do it there is just date.Month. How do I do this in PHP?



I used date_format($date, "m"); //01, 02..12

This is what I wanted, question now is how do I compare this to an int since $monthnumber = 01 just becomes 1

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See http://php.net/date

date('m') or date('n') or date('F') ...


m Numeric representation of a month, with leading zeros 01 through 12

n Numeric representation of a month, without leading zeros 1 through 12

F Alphabetic representation of a month January through December

....see the docs link for even more options.


What does your "data variable" look like? If it's like this:

$mydate = "2010-05-12 13:57:01";

You can simply do:

$month = date("m",strtotime($mydate));

For more information, take a look at date and strtotime.


To compare with an int, just do a date_format($date,"n"); which will give you the month without leading zero.

Alternatively, try one of these:

if((int)$month == 1)...
if(abs($month) == 1)...

Or something weird using ltrim, round, floor... but date_format() with "n" would be the best.

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    thanks i used date_format($date, "m") to get 01, 02..12. I've updated my question though because this has given me another question.
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$unixtime = strtotime($test);
echo date('m', $unixtime); //month
echo date('d', $unixtime); 
echo date('y', $unixtime );

as date_format uses the same format as date ( http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.date.php ) the "Numeric representation of a month, without leading zeros" is a lowercase n .. so

echo date('n'); // "9"

As it's not specified if you mean the system's current date or the date held in a variable, I'll answer for latter with an example.

$dateAsString = "Wed, 11 Apr 2018 19:00:00 -0500";

// This converts it to a unix timestamp so that the date() function can work with it.
$dateAsUnixTimestamp = strtotime($dateAsString);

// Output it month is various formats according to http://php.net/date

echo date('M',$dateAsUnixTimestamp);
// Will output Apr

echo date('n',$dateAsUnixTimestamp);
// Will output 4

echo date('m',$dateAsUnixTimestamp);
// Will output 04
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To compare with an int do this:

$date = date("m");
$dateToCompareTo = 05;
if (strval($date) == strval($dateToCompareTo)) {
    echo "They are the same";

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