I'm trying to get the SQL script generated from an alembic revision, but when I run:

alembic upgrade head --sql

It outputs the SQL of all revisions, and because there's a breaking revision in the middle (I haven't figured out why yet), I can't get the script from that point on. Moreover, I only want the SQL script of the last revision.

Is there a parameter to get that?

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After some time trying to figure it out, and reading the docs, you can obtain the SQL of a single or multiple specific revisions by specifying start:end in the command line:

 alembic upgrade <previous>:<current> --sql

It will even output the update to the alembic_version table.

The same works with downgrade:

 alembic downgrade <current>:<previous> --sql

alembic upgrade <revision_name> --sql


Found this question when I was trying to get the sql script downgrade to the end.

(env)# alembic downgrade -1 --sql
ERROR:alembic.util.messaging:downgrade with --sql requires <fromrev>:<torev>
  FAILED: downgrade with --sql requires <fromrev>:<torev>

The case is quite rare. Maybe someone will be useful. If you need to get a SQL and only 1 revision, then you can do this:

alembic downgrade 6a68657325e7:-1 --sql

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