I am using the command sudo cp /opt/wildfly/bin/init.d/wildfly.conf /etc/default/wildfly to copy and edit the init.d file. I am getting this error cp: cannot stat '/opt/wildfly/bin/init.d/wildfly.conf': No such file or directory> When I check in my bin, I cannot see the init.d file. How can I solve this problem.


In wildfly 10 init.d file located in ${WILDFLY_HOME}/docs/contrib/scripts/ directory

So you need to run

cp /opt/wildfly/docs/contrib/scripts/init.d/wildfly-init-debian.sh /etc/init.d/wildfly



cp /opt/wildfly/docs/contrib/scripts/init.d/wildfly.conf /etc/default/wildfly


cp /opt/wildfly/docs/contrib/scripts/init.d/wildfly.conf /etc/default/wildfly.conf

Run wildfly from terminal and move to bin ans start the service, e.g for my case, this is the path that I use to start wildfly from terminal ...path_to your_wildfly//wildfly/bin/sh standalone.sh

Point to note: remember to be in your wildfly folder from terminal


I have done my research and found that wildfly version 10 have the conf file in a different location. For I need to work with hibernate I decided to use version 9. At the same time I am using the wildfly not as a service. I use the command ./standalone.sh


Check the compatibility of your wilddfly version with your ubuntu version. Or you can a well use version 9.

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    Am using wildfly version 10.0 and ubuntu 16.4. Are they compatible. – S. Kiragu Jun 28 '16 at 11:57
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    I tried those versions together and I was getting the same error. I changed to wildfly version 9 and it worked prety well – J.Oginga Jun 28 '16 at 12:00

I run sh standalone.sh inside wildfly bin and it works pretty well,

  • Yea it worked, I wanted to set wildfly as a service initially. – S. Kiragu Jun 28 '16 at 10:20

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