We have a build configuration runner type of Visual Studio.sln setup to read from a csproj with a Publish Profile (/P:PublishProfile=%env.Configuration%.pubxml) to create a Web Deploy Package that we then use in another build step to deploy using MSDeploy.

On TeamCity the Targets options states that

Enter targets separated by space or semicolon. Build, Rebuild, Clean, Publish targets are supported by default

Looking at some other StackOverflow threads, it mentions that using WebPublish as a target works but doesn't say why it works.

TeamCity: How tell MSBuild to take into account publish profile parameters?

I am not sure what the difference between a "Publish" and a "WebPublish" is.


The "Publish" Visual Studio target uses WebDeploy/WebPublish under the hood to do its publishing.

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    Specifically, Publish will call WebPublish if you passed DeployTarget=WebPublish or if you passed a value for PublishProfile. See Microsoft.Web.Publishing.targets:137. – Mitch Feb 3 '18 at 21:52

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