Why is the parameter value an Object hash code:


I thought the code request.getParameterMap().get(name); would produce the value of the request parameter:

    Enumeration params = request.getParameterNames();
        String name = (String)params.nextElement(); 
        String value = request.getParameterMap().get(name);
        logger.log(name + ": " + value);
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    This code would not have compiled. I think you originally used Object value. In the future, please take care that you're posting the actual code, to avoid red herrings.
    – BalusC
    Sep 22 '10 at 12:47

Because it returns a String[], not a String. The javadoc of getParameterMap() also tells that:


an immutable java.util.Map containing parameter names as keys and parameter values as map values. The keys in the parameter map are of type String. The values in the parameter map are of type String array.

So you need to treat it as an array. If you'd like to obtain a single (the first) parameter value, use request.getParameter() instead. Here's a rewrite:

for (String name : Collections.<String>list(request.getParameterNames())) {
    String value = request.getParameter(name); 
    logger.log(name + ": " + value);

Or if you really want to check all possible parameter values, then just iterate over the map's entryset:

Map<String, String[]> map = request.getParameterMap();
for (Entry<String, String[]> entry : map.entrySet()) {
    String name = entry.getKey();
    String[] values = entry.getValue();
    logger.log(name + ": " + Arrays.toString(values));
  • Thanks. But I have a question about the first code block above. The Collections.list part produces the error: "Cannot convert from element Object to type String". Is there a cast needed somewhere? Sep 22 '10 at 12:49
  • Sorry, I forgot that it was not parameterized, I fixed the code.
    – BalusC
    Sep 22 '10 at 12:50
  • How to get only specified parameters, eg: http://localhost:8080/project/?pid=1&cid=20&start=1&end=24&uid=9. If I want to get only pid and cid, how can I get only this attributes using getParameterMap() Dec 11 '13 at 5:16

The parameter map is a map from parameter names to arrays of values. This is because you may have multiple values for the same parameter. Consider for instance the following request:


In this case you would get { "value1", "value2" } when getting the parameters for var.

If you want to print all values for a given parameter, you could use Arrays.toString on the array of values.

If you know that each variable has at most one value, you could use getParameter. From the docs:

You should only use this method when you are sure the parameter has only one value. If the parameter might have more than one value, use getParameterValues(java.lang.String).


The reason why HttpServletRequest have

Map<String, String[]> map = request.getParameterMap();

is because of Form Submit that have the same parameter names but different values. You can essentially have a URL form with 1 or more same parameter names with different values.

See BalusC response.

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