I have self-signed pfx certificate, and machine with 2 users (A and B). I need to install the certificate using some command line tool and it should be available for all users.

In case user A installs the certificate manually in LocalMachine\My or LocalMachine\Root it is available only for user A because user B doesn't have private key permissions.

I tried

winhttpcertcfg.exe -i cert.pfx -p pass -a Everyone -c LOCAL_MACHINE\Root

but it doesn't help, certificate is available only for user that runs winhttpcertcfg.

I tried

winhttpcertcfg.exe -i cert.pfx -p pass -a Everyone -c LOCAL_MACHINE\My

but it installs the certificate in Root instead of My regardless -c parameter.

I tried

certutil -f -p pass -importpfx "cert.pfx"

but it doesn't help, certificate is available only for user that runs certutil.

In case My store the issue can be fixed manually:

  • Right click on the certificate in Local Machine Cert Manager -> All Tasks -> Manage Private Keys
  • Add users A and B and set necessary permissions.

But I need some automatic way that I will use while installing my applications.


To import certificate you can use this powershell command

Import-PfxCertificate -FilePath $certFilename cert:$certStoreLocation -Password $mypwd

and use this for managing permissions

How to Grant permission to user on Certificate private key using powershell?


Import-PfxCertificate has been giving me issues when trying to grant permissions to the private key. The returned certificate and the certificate object grabbed using the


both have null on the private key property.

I have to use a x509 certificate store and x509certifcate2 object to import the certificate and private key. Then I'm able to change the private key permissions in powershell

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