I'm trying to inject a service into a ViewModel when it's navigated to. Despite the reference I've looked at on Brian Lagunas's blog, sample code, etc, something doesn't seem to be right.

Given in my App.cs

public class App : PrismApplication
    protected override void OnInitialized ()
        NavigationService.NavigateAsync ("SignInPage", animated: false);

    protected override void RegisterTypes ()
        Container.RegisterType<IUserAuthentication, UserAuthenticationService>();


Note: the using statements for the IUserAuthentication and UserAuthenticationService namespaces are in place.


private INavigationService _navigationService;
private IUserAuthentication _userAuthenticationService;

public SignInPageViewModel(INavigationService navigationService, IUserAuthentication userAuthenticationService)
    _navigationService = navigationService;
    _userAuthenticationService = userAuthenticationService;

Container.RegisterType doesn't seem to accept the generic. All the examples I've seen with Unity seem to support it but I get the following error.

The non-generic method 'IUnityContainer.RegisterType(Type, Type, string, LifetimeManager, params InjectionMember[])' cannot be used with type arguments

It's a build error.

Package Info

  • Using Prism.Unity.Forms v6.2.0-pre5
  • Prism.Forms v6.1.0-pre5
  • Prism.Core 6.1.0
  • Xamarin.Forms
  • Unity 4.0.1

The generic version of RegisterType is an extension method and resides in the Microsoft.Practices.Unity namespace. To use it, either call it explicitly

Microsoft.Practices.Unity.UnityContainerExtensions.RegisterType<ISomething, SomeService>( Container );

or add

using Microsoft.Practices.Unity;
  • Gah! Thank you. Still new to .NET. I thought (wrongly) that Prism's Unity extensions would be pulling the rest of the Unity stuff in. Sometimes finding which using statements I want is the most challenging bit. – Danomite Jun 13 '16 at 16:32

you need the using Microsoft.Practices.Unity;

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