Python embeddable zip comes without pip and Tkinter.
It is easy to install pip with get-pip.py in the embeddable zip.

How can we install Tkinter too (assuming we do not have an existing Python installation in the same machine)?


Assuming you are on Windows and you also have a regular Python distribution installed (same version of the embedded distribution), to install Tkinter in the embedded distribution you can copy the following files from the regular Python distribution:

  • tcl folder to embedded_distribution_folder\ (root folder of the embedded distribution)
  • tkinter folder (which is under Lib) either to embedded_distribution_folder\Lib or to embedded_distribution_folder\
  • files _tkinter.pyd tcl86t.dll tk86t.dll (which are under DLLs) either to embedded_distribution_folder\DLLs or to embedded_distribution_folder\
  • this solution worked for me while working with Robot Editor and embedded python 3.6.5. thanks @lucatrv – stupidnetizen Jan 26 at 17:05

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