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How to remove last comma from the output of a foreach() loop?

Can someone please help modify this code for me.

$sth = $dbh->query('SELECT * FROM `stage5` ORDER BY `stage5`.`lenght` DESC');
$result = $sth->fetchAll();

foreach($result as $r) {
     echo $r['lenght'], ",";

This prints

Below would be correct

I have read many posts related to this but, I can't get it working and I don't get it. Any help is appreciated!

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  • Yes, I did know there is other posts, but being beginner with PHP, I tried many options and Googled but didn't get it working. So I posted my actual code on question. – Paavo Doe Jun 9 '16 at 11:29

One way to solve this is to not echo out the commas in the foreach loop. Put the data you want to echo into an array, then use implode.

$output = array();
foreach($result as $r) {
    $output[] = $r['lenght'];

echo implode(',', $output);
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I would just take a functional approach:

$result = $sth->fetchAll();
echo implode(',', array_column($result, 'length'));

Note that array_column() requires PHP 5.5+.

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