I am working on renovating my current ios project architecture. To move storyboards I copied the old Main.Storyboard and LaunchScreen.StoryBoard xml to new Main.storyboard and LaunchScreen.StoryBoard xml (Project name were same).

I also Fixed the localization and assets linking part. Everything is fine and after the successfully building the project UI is getting distorted in iphone 6 and other version except to iphone 5. I reconfirm the constraint with the old project and there were no change.

Old app is working fine with different-different iphone screen sizes. Is there any good way to copy the storyboard? Or Am I missing something here?


I think StoryBoard layout size is limited to iphone5 only.

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    you could copy and paste the storyboard file itself, that's how I've done it – LuKenneth Jun 8 '16 at 20:42
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    @LukePatterson Will that make any difference to the autolayout? BTW let me try it – Amit Pal Jun 8 '16 at 20:43
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    I did it a long time ago and everything was fine – LuKenneth Jun 8 '16 at 20:43
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    @LukePatterson I tried but no help :( – Amit Pal Jun 8 '16 at 20:45

The way you did it is correct. You're simply running into the fact that your layout constraints are either non-existant or wrong. There's nothing magical about a storyboard...it's just a file like any other you'd copy into your new project.

You should probably select your toplevel view in each view controller and then tell Xcode to remove all the constraints and reset them to the suggested ones, and go from there.



enter image description here

Than browse your StoryBoardName.storyboard file.

That'll definitely work including all your constants .

Note : make sure you check copy item if needed when you add you file to protect the original source file.

  • THANK YOU! Constraints all carried over when I did this in Xcode 8 just now. – cheznead Aug 17 '17 at 17:25
  • welcome mate , glad it helped someone : ) @cheznead – dreamBegin Aug 18 '17 at 8:18

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