Using PowerShell, how do I sort all files in all folders by size? Whenever I use the results of Get-ChildItem, even after it's saved to a variable and modified, it groups all files by directory. Even then, the files aren't sorted in each directory.

$files = Get-ChildItem -File -Filter *.bat -Path C:\git -Recurse
Sort-Object -InputObject $files -Property Length

I'm guessing you're running into the default display mode of System.IO.FileInfo, which displays empty lines and the directory name whenever it changes. It also takes forever to display because the Mode column is particularly poorly optimized.

Try something like this:

Get-ChildItem -File -Filter *.bat -Path C:\git -Recurse |
    Sort-Object -Property Length |
    Select-Object -Property Length, Name |
    Format-Table -AutoSize

Don't have the Reputation to comment yet (so I hope this is ok with stackoverflows etiquette), but Bacon Bits answer could be improved a bit by switching Select-Object and Sort-Object around:

Get-ChildItem -File -Filter *.bat -Path C:\git -Recurse | Select-Object -Property Length, Name | Sort-Object -Property Length | Format-Table -AutoSize

This will improve performance especially on large filesystems (about 50% if I use the above code on my C-drive)

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