I added Google Analytics by CocoaPod into my project, but my app crashed and gave the following error.

ld: framework not found FirebaseAnalytics
clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)

What should i do to solve this issue ? I followed this tutorial from google to integrate the Google Analytics into my project.

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You are probably using cocoapods to add Firebase. Make sure that in the build settings for your target the 'Framework Search Paths' both for Debug and Release start with $(inherited).

The build settings for your pod dependencies are defined in a xcconfig file, if you don't have $(inherited) in your target's build settings, the settings from this file will be ignored.

  • You saved my day.Thank you – Raghuram Aug 10 at 14:08

I had the same error, my Framework Search Paths in Build Settings were already set to $(inherited) for both Debug and Release.

I managed to solve this with the solution here: https://stackoverflow.com/a/38246169/1092815

In other words, Podfile.lock had some bad versions in it, running this solved the my issue:

pod update
pod install
  • I was getting the Error: Debug map not found for ....Build/Products/Debug-iphonesimulator/****.app/.... file not found in directory message for the longest time. This finally solved my crisis. Thank you @GabLeRoux – Progoogler Mar 24 at 21:51

You need to remove linked framework from project properties.

I had this issue and resolved it: - Go to Info.plist -> Build Settings -> Framework Search Paths - Verify/fix the paths. In my case, it was the additional Fbsdk search path that was causing issue (see attached picture) error

I changed it to: fix

Maybe You have already added other Framework Search Path to Build setting,

Step 1: Remove all frame work search path in Build setting
Step 2: run Pod install 
Step 3: Add others Framework search path (That's removed in step 1).

Now Run Project!

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