I know Wit.ai engine can be trained by manually validate cases, but is there a way to train it with a set of defined inputs and outputs?


you can probably look at the export format of one of your app and tweak it to import in a new app. https://wit.ai/docs/recipes#manage-link


You can use the wat.ai API to create an intent entity:

curl -X "POST" "https://api.wit.ai/entities" \
    -H "Authorization: Bearer [token]" \
    -d "{\"id\":\"intent\",\"doc\":\"Describe the users overall intention\",\"lookups\":[\"trait\"]}"

and then train it with values:

curl -X "POST" "https://api.wit.ai/entities/intent/values" \
    -H "Authorization: Bearer [token]" \
    -d $'{
      "value": "hello",
      "expressions": [

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