I'm working on an Office Add-In and need to be able to tell if the document was loaded in the standard Office software or Office365 Online.

I've checked the docs and can't find anything.

In office.js, there is an enumeration that looks as if it should be used somewhere, but i can't tell what property/event notifies us of the type. I have also stuck a breakpoint on the Office object and can't see anything.

WebEditor: "webEditor",
WebViewer: "webViewer",
Client: "client"

Does anyone know how to do this please?


For reference, in Outlook you can use this to tell the difference between OWA or desktop or mac Outlook:


  • Thanks for the info - Have upvoted. I'm working on PowerPoint, not Outlook, so might try Uservoice to see if something like this can be brought over. – HockeyJ Jun 19 '16 at 9:08

Searching for the same, but in my case for Word not Outlook, I just discovered that this code

        showNotification("url is: " + Office.context.document.url);

gives a URL something like this, in my case

        url is: https://<corp portal name>-my.sharepoint.com/personal/<my name>/Documents/Document15.docx

the number 15 is due to the fact I am currently up to 15 in-named documents in my OneDrive for Business folder (which is where these end up)

On a local client version of Word URL is blank.

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