In my view I have

<p>{{ trans('mission-vision-page.mission-description') }}</p>

I've put a block of text in my language file, but I want to maintain the new lines. I've tried:


return ['mission-description' => 'line 1 <br /> line 2']


return ['mission-description' => 'line 1 \n line 2']


$newLine = '<br />';    
return ['mission-description' => 'line 1 ' . $newLine . ' line 2']

I know probably there's a better way to accomplish this, but in my en.php file can I add new lines?

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use {!! !!} instead of {{ }} and <br/> tag in you message

<p>{!! trans('mission-vision-page.mission-description') !!}</p>

Add custom blade directive, in App\Providers\AppServiceProvider.php add:

\Blade::directive('lang2br', function ($expression) {
   return "<?php echo nl2br(app('translator')->getFromJson({$expression})); ?>";

Then you can use like lang directive:


If you happen to use the @lang blade directive, you can override the helper yourself using the following code:

 Blade::directive('lang', function ($expression) {
    // @see Illuminate\View\Compilers\Concerns\CompilesTranslations.php::compileLang()
    if (is_null($expression)) {
        return '<?php $__env->startTranslation(); ?>';
    } elseif ($expression[1] === '[') {
        return "<?php \$__env->startTranslation{$expression}; ?>";

    return "<?php echo nl2br(app('translator')->getFromJson({$expression})); ?>";

This is basically a copy of the helper code in the vendor dir (Illuminate\View\Compilers\Concerns\CompilesTranslations.php::compileLang()) with an nl2br wrapped around the output. This converts any newlines to <br /> tags.

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