I am trying to deploy a jar on Jboss 6.1 EA. I had build the jar file.

I am unable to access the page http://localhost:8080/$YOURAPP/hello/World, because I get a 404 error. I replaced the $YOURAPP with the name of the war file. I do not get any errors while starting jboss, it shows the war is getting deployed.

  • Why not use tomcat - thats the benefit of spring isn't it. No need for an app server ? – NimChimpsky Jun 10 '16 at 11:40

You will definitely need a .war file for JBoss because a (fat) .jar file will not work. For JBoss, you will also need a jboss-web.xml descriptor file in src/main/webapp/WEB-INF file containing the context root of your application.

For example:


After that, you will need to set one more Spring Boot property to make this work on JBoss EAP 6:

server.servlet-path = /*

This is due to a quirk in JBoss itself, if you don't have this property set to /* it will not work.

More information here and here

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