I want to make app which will switch vocabulary in desired url of webpage Japanese to English. But firstable I want start form just simply display desired url of webpage inline lust like Google Translate.(See here)

I got html data from desired url using code below, and now I want to replace text in html all at same time based data on database.

def submit
        require 'open-uri'

        charset = nil
        @html = open(params[:url]) do |f|
        charset = f.charset

Database is undone, but I am going to contain Japanese vocabulary which should be switched, and English vocabulary which should be switched instead of Japanese vocabulary.

Any ideas or ways to do this? Also, I just started learning Ruby on Rails recently so it would be nice if you explain it with some examples or detailed explanation :)

I just want to replace particular word in text based on item on database,I don't want to multilingualism.


For example i got following html below from desired webpage.

     <p>I want to switch "aaa" this and "ccc"</p>

Lets say I want to switch(Replace) "aaa" to "bbb", "ccc" to "ddd". Word that should be switched and be switched instead of previous word are in database.(Target:"aaa","ccc" Switch:"bbb","ddd")

since this html is the one i got it using open-uri, i can't implement code like #{target}.


Working based on the code in this answer and this answer, you could do something like this:

replacements = {'aaa' => 'ccc', 'bbb' => 'ddd' }
regex = Regexp.new(replacements.keys.map { |x| Regexp.escape(x) }.join('|'))
doc = Nokogiri::HTML::DocumentFragment.parse(html)
doc.traverse do |x|
  if x.text?
    x.content = x.content.gsub(regex, replacements)

I've also tested that:

replacements = {'こんにちは' => 'Good day', 'bbb' => 'ddd' }
regex = Regexp.new(replacements.keys.map { |x| Regexp.escape(x) }.join('|'))
"こんにちは Mr bbb".gsub(regex, replacements)

Gives the expected:

Good day Mr ddd

You might also want to use:

regex = Regexp.new(replacements.keys.map { |x| '\\b'+Regexp.escape(x)+'\\b' }.join('|'))

to prevent "aaardvark" being changed into "cccrdvark".

  • I will look at code and try to understand what is going on with this code now. Jun 10 '16 at 7:22
  • I have question. lets say i have there replacements below: replacements = {'1杯の'=>'a cup of','たくさん'=>'a lot','たくさんの'=>'a lot of','1週間'=>'a week','午前'=>'a.m.','およそ'=>'about','住所'=>'adress','大人'=>'adult','アフリカ'=>'Africa','の後で'=>'after','のあとで'=>'after','午後'=>'afternoon','再び'=>'again','ふたたび'=>'again','空港'=>'airport','全て'=>'all','一日中'=>'all day','1日中'=>'all day','いつも'=>'always',} and i want to add <a> tag to all of english words. any easier way to do it? Jun 10 '16 at 13:14
  • I added comment on your answer. please check it. Jun 12 '16 at 6:19
  • That's a good question! I'm not 100% sure how to do that myself; perhaps post this as a separate question? Changing the replace text to <a href="...">a cup of</a> and using add_next_sibling will get you some of the way, but you might be pushing the limits of gsub.
    – Ken Y-N
    Jun 13 '16 at 2:16

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