Is it possible to pause the operation of jupyter while performing a computational intense task freeing the cpu and resume it later.


I realize this is very outdated, but I found a solution to this problem after searching for quite a while! I actually ended up trying a bunch of random combinations.

CTRL+S worked for me when using jupyter notebook with Anaconda.

You must be in the shell for this to work. Also, other key combinations that didn't work for me but were suggested elsewhere include: CTRL+Z and CTRL+I

Hopefully this can at least help out someone down the line...


In current Jupyter no such option. But you can try system tools

In case of Task manager in Windows:

  1. Identify running process with name python.exe
  2. Set low priority of the process with a click in popup menu

For more control try "Process Explorer". It can Suspend command for the tree of processes.

Also see https://www.reddit.com/r/Python/comments/1spmpt/pause_a_running_python_script_and_resume_when/ for further tricks On Linux or Mac.

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