I am looking for a way to quickly (but surely) design mobile app. So far I have been using the designer because I've been watching the video tutorials from CN1. But when I read the manual from CN1 the GUI is often coded by hand. And sometimes I struggle with the designer and the styles to make the GUI look how I want it to look.

So I was wondering if I should still go with the Designer for my future app or coding is much faster (the GUI I design are very simple) now that I know more about CN1 and the styles?

Thanks for your advices,



We are shifting focus to the new gui builder which generates a more hand coded styled app instead of the current StateMachine approach, so going forward we recommend coding the UI manually until the new gui builder will become more solid.

  • OK, that's a crystal clear answer! Thanks a lot @Chen! – HelloWorld Jun 11 '16 at 4:40

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