Today I have to create many reports based on many country's datasets which have the same structure (population, GDP, unemployment rating... by the year).

So how can I create a report template for the first country and apply it for the other one. What I expect is only by changing the country's dataset then we have a new report automatically.

Does PowerBI service or Desktop support it?

Thanks for your help.


I believe what you might be looking for was released with the April release of power bi desktop.

Please see here look for "POWER BI TEMPLATE FILES"

Exporting Power BI content as a template is another new feature that will help streamline work. Power BI templates (.pbit files) include the definition of a Report, Data Model and queries, but not the actual data. Templates can be created via File -> Export -> Power BI Template, which generates a .pbit file.

Hope this helps.

  • Thank you it worked but today I found that everything is very easy in simple way. I merge all datasets into one. So I create a report with a slicer based on Country then have all report only by filtering on slicer :) – user3159879 Jun 11 '16 at 6:06

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