Here's a fiddle of what I want to do: https://jsfiddle.net/s7s07chm/7/

But I want to do this with react instead of jquery. Basically, I put the className of the element in the state, and on componentDidMount I update the className to initiate the transition.

But this isn't working. The component is just rendering with the transitioned state. In other words, instead of sliding down, it appears at the bottom from the beginning

Am I doing this wrong? If so, is there another way to accomplish this?

here's the actual code

getInitialState: function() {
  return {
    childClass: 'child'
componentDidMount: function() {
    childClass: 'child low'

the reason that won't work is because your DOM won't be updated until the component is mounted. So the class you're assigning with getInitialState will never appear in the DOM, but the one you set with componentDidMount will. As Ray mentioned, you should take a look at ReactCSSTransitionGroup.


componentDidMount is called after React hands them off to the browser, but the browser might not have finished drawing.

You can however use requestAnimationFrame to ensure setState is called after the browser has finished drawing the component.

componentDidMount() {
  requestAnimationFrame(() => this.setState({
    childClass: 'child low'

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