How do I enable word wrap for SQL Server Management Studio 2008's query editor?


Just enable it through the options.

  • Tools
  • Options
  • Text Editor
  • All Languages
  • Settings - Check Word Wrap
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Tools - Options - Text Editor - Transact-SQL - Word wrap


you can add it to your tool bar.

  1. tool bar(right click)
  2. customize
  3. commands tab
  4. choose the toolbar you want to add it to (2nd radio button)
  5. press 'add command'
  6. from categories 'edit' choose 'toggle word wrap'
  7. press 'ok'

Goto: 1.Tools 2.Options 3.Text Editor 4.All Languages 5.General 6.Word wrap

  • Do you know why your answer is slightly different than the 9 year old accepted answer? Is it because of a new version or different language pack? – nvoigt Sep 10 at 8:17
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    You might need to provide a some context to your answer for it to be more meaningful and easier to understand. Considering @nvoigt had a question about why it is slightly different, you need to explain why you are doing it this way otherwise you'll add to the confusion instead of adding clarity. – Fabulous Sep 10 at 8:43
  • Over the years various upgrades(both major & minor) have been done on SSMS giving developers more control over the functionalities with each release. The above answer has been posted with reference to SSMS vs 18.2 wherein several bug fixes have been made in the area "SSMS options" – Tahir77667 Sep 10 at 10:56

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